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I am writing this at my parent’s living room table in Sydney, Australia. Pesach has now “passed over” (sorry I couldn’t resist), and we are enjoying the last few days of our down-under Pesach vacation. I could not resist using an Australian recipe while writing the article here. This was […]

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Fiesta Chicken Enchiladas

Don’t you just love Mexican food? It’s a real combination of flavors that have a little heat from Jalapeños and the sweet taste of cilantro. With kosher Mexican restaurants popping up all over the place, I wanted to be able to also make it myself at home. You can go […]

Main Dishes

Cornish Hen with Wild Rice and Apple Glaze

This recipe is fit for King Achashverosh himself (and also for Mordechai!). You can imagine yourself sitting at the palace (your house) and being served this really elegant dish at your own (Purim) banquet. I always love making mini versions of dishes and this “mini chicken” is so elegant (and […]