Perfect for Pesach – Passover Cookbook

Surprise your guests. Surprise yourself. And make your food Perfect for Pesach!

In this debut cookbook, Naomi Nachman shares her popular recipes from over a decade of Pesach catering. Perfect for Pesach presents easy recipes that use innovative flavor combinations to create fabulous gourmet meals to enhance your holiday table.

  • More than 125 fabulous dishes
  • Vivid photos accompany every recipe
  • Cooking Tips culled from Naomi’s years of professional experience
  • Freezing Tips ensure ease of prep-ahead cooking
  • Guides to basic ingredients and kitchen equipment


I want you to be as excited about cooking for Pesach as I am. These recipes are so delicious, your family and friends will be asking for them all year long.

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Sweet & Savory Brisket with Potato Crisps [from Perfect for Pesach] on the Hallmark Channel