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Seudat Shlisheet and my favorite salads

The question has been raised: why do many people call the third meal of Shabbat “Shalosh Seudos” — which really means “three meals” in Hebrew, rather than “Seudat Shilishit” – which means the third meal and would be more fitting. Rabbi Yeshaya Siff, of the Young Israel of Manhattan, once […]


Kale and Butternut Squash Salad for Sukkot- perfect for fall

Kale Salad with Miso Hummus Dressing, Butternut Squash Croutons 1 bunch kale leaves, tough center stems removed, washed well, dried and torn into pieces. 1 small butternut squash, peeled and cubed Olive oil Garlic powder paprika Kosher salt Dressing 1 tablespoon brown miso paste. (you can also use yellow or […]


Krazy Kale

Kale Kale is the latest buzz word in trendy food. Over the last year we have been seeing kale recipes in cookbooks, restaurants and all over the food blogs. At first, I thought “Yuk”, kale is so hard to chew and didn’t look very appetizing to buy in supermarkets. However […]