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Thanksgiving and Chanukah collide all at once this year. There are so many websites that discuss this confluence, and the word “Thanksgivukah” has even been trademarked! This occurrence is once in a lifetime. According to the Chicago Tribune, the last time this occurred was in 1888. Another source I found […]

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I am writing this at my parent’s living room table in Sydney, Australia. Pesach has now “passed over” (sorry I couldn’t resist), and we are enjoying the last few days of our down-under Pesach vacation. I could not resist using an Australian recipe while writing the article here. This was […]

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Shavuot meal ideas

Each Shavuot meal we start off with Kiddush and then move onto our dairy courses.  Hopefully, the wines we choose for each course will bring out the very best in the foods we have selected to serve.  Last week on my radio show, “Table for Two with Naomi Nachman” on […]