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Pesach Dips

I love to make dips for Shabbat, so why not have it on Pesach too? The key to having great dips is the fresh ingredients: including garlic, lemons and cilantro. With the introduction of so many spices that are kosher for Pesach, you can also spice up your palate by […]

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Pastrami Hamentashen

Now that Abeles and Heymann and Hod Golan have become sponsors of my radio show “Table For Two” on the Nachum Segal Network, I have become obsessed with making recipes with some of their delicious products. With Purim coming up, I thought about pastrami hamentashen. I went to one of […]

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The superBOWL(s) of Salad

The superBOWL(s) of Salad When people think of superbowl foods they think: 6 foot heroes, hotdogs, burgers, wings or ribs. I love all that kind of food. However, I thought I would try to do a healthy spin on super bowl food. How about a salad bar? You can still […]

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Excellent Eggplant

I love eggplant in all shapes and forms, be it eggplant parmesan, rollatini, in salads, stuffed with lamb or made into dips. Over the years, I have created some really delicious dips and salads with eggplant. It is so expensive to buy premade dips all the time, but so easy […]