Gefilte Fish Hamentashen

gefilte fish hamentashen

I don’t have a very sweet tooth so, hence, I am not a big baker. Some of our holidays, such as Purim, involve baking dessert foods (i.e., Hamentashen). I decided to come up with a savory way to use this iconic cookie as the appetizer part of my dinner, rather than serving it for dessert. I explored a number of ideas, and finally came up with a  new twist that I hope you will find as appealing as I do.

My idea came as shabbat inspiration, as Shushan Purim falls out on a Friday this year. I thought it would be appropriate to have some carry-over into Shabbat. You can also use it for the Purim seuda too. I call it “Gefilte Fish Hamentashen”.

Geflita Fish Hamentashen


1 loaf frozen geflite fish

1 large loose carrot, peeled and whole

½ cup sugar

2 stalks Celery chunked

Onion, halved

Water to fill pot enough to cover loaf



In a large pot place the gelite fish loaf with all the ingredients and boil for 11/2 hours.

Drain and cool the fish, peel off the outer parchement paper wrapper and set aside. Save the carrot and dispose of the other vegetables.

Once the fish and carrot have cooled, place on a chopping board and slice the fish into 1 inch rings, and the carrot into ¼ inch rings.

Then cut each ring into triangles. The triangular carrot should lay in the center of the triangular piece of fish imitating a hamentashen filling.